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Deep Water Running & Aqua Fitness Class with Lyn & Moni

What is deep water running?

Deep water running is conducted in deep water with the use of a buoyancy belt. It is a workout that uses every major muscle group in the body, burning as many calories as cross-country skiing. This makes it excellent for anyone wishing to burn a considerable number of calories in a single training session. For more information check out our Deep Water Running Facebook Page.

For Athletes to Beginners

Deep water running has a limited impact on the back and knees, making it more suitable for people who might have problems in those areas. It's also a great way to keep working out while recovering from an injury and it can be adapted to any fitness level, from elite athlete to beginner.

About our classes

During our deep water running Gold Coast classes, we'll teach you the proper technique to employ as well as strategies to assist you to stay vertical while you are exercising gravity free.

Our classes are suitable for most people and provide a terrific way to exercise without putting too much strain on your body as traditional running does. Deep water running is done while wearing a flotation belt to help you stay afloat so you can run without your feet touching the bottom of the pool.


Our classes are held at Miami Aquatic Centre, Pacific Avenue in Miami on the Gold Coast and include the use of a flotation belt. The pool is heated and is a perfect venue for deep water running all year-round.

Bookings are not required.

Simply bring your bathing suit and a towel to a class that works for you, see schedule for days and times. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to shoot us a chat on our dedicated Deep Water Running Facebook Page.

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