There are approximately 140 land snake species and 32 sea snake species in Australia; 100 of which are venomous and 12 that are likely to cause a fatal wound. For this reason, knowing how to administer First Aid for snake bites is crucial – having the knowledge to identify the snake, slow down the spread of venom and seek medical attention could save a life. Here is our introduction to First Aid for snake bites and why you should enrol in a first aid course.

Most snake bites occur between October & March

Although snakes can be active at any time of year, most bites occur between October and March, when the weather is warm and snakes are more active. This is also the time of year when people are more likely to be outside enjoying recreational activities such as hiking, camping and bushwalking.

If you’re spending time outside during these months, be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for snakes sunning themselves on rocks or hiding in long grasses. We recommend that people who enjoy outdoor recreational activities take a first-aid course that covers snake bites so they know what to do if they or someone else is bitten.

What should you do if someone is bitten by a snake?

If you or someone you’re with is bitten by a snake, stay calm and call 000 (triple zero) for immediate medical attention. Stay on the line with the 000 operator until an ambulance arrives. Attempting to suck the venom out or making a cut over the bite will only cause more damage. If you can’t get to a phone, start walking towards medical help while keeping the person calm and still.

Once medical assistance arrives, they will assess the situation and provide additional treatment as needed, which may include administering antivenom or transporting the person to a hospital for observation.

How First Aid training can help

Although getting bitten by a snake is rare, it’s important to know what to do if it happens since even non-venomous bites can cause serious infection. First Aid training will give you the skills and confidence to provide the appropriate care during an emergency situation, which could potentially save a life. It is not about being a snake expert; it is more about knowing what to do and how to keep the person comfortable until medical help arrives.

What is a snake bite first aid kit?

A snake bite kit is a small, portable container that contains supplies needed to treat a snake bite. In case of an emergency, keep it in a convenient location, such as your car or backpack. Most kits will include bandages and other wound-care supplies needed to treat a snake bite, as well as instructions on how to use them.

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