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Deep Water Running & Aqua Aerobics

What is deep water running

Deep water running is conducted in deep water with the use of a buoyancy belt. It is a workout designed to utilize every major muscle group in the body. Deep water running can burn as many calories as cross country skiing making it ideal for anyone looking to burn a significant number of calories in one training session.

One of the best things about deep water running is its low impact on the back and on knees. Unlike traditional running, deep water running can be ideal for people who suffer from injuries affecting their back or knees. It is also a great way to keep training while recovering from an injury, and can be adjusted to suit any fitness level from elite athlete to beginner.

What is Aqua Aerobics?

Aqua Aerobics is a typical aerobics class, conducted in waist/chest deep water. It is more intense than Deep water running, and provides slightly a higher impact, more cardio-orientated workout. Aqua Aerobics is ideal for individuals wanting to burn calories in an upbeat and active environment that is still relatively low impact due to the water.  Aqua Aerobics does not require the use of a buoyancy belt, however water dumbbells and noodles are sometimes used.

About our classes

Our Gold Coast Deep Water Running Classes run 7 days a week, including 2 evening
classes per week. Please click here for the full group fitness timetable.

  • Monday: 10:15am, 6:15pm
  • Tuesday: 9:15am
  • Wednesday: 10:15am, 6:15pm
  • Thursday: 9:15am
  • Friday: 10:15am
  • Saturday: 9:15am
  • Sunday: 9:15am

Aqua Aerobics is run 3 days per week.

  • Monday: 9:15am
  • Wednesday: 9:15am
  • Friday: 9:15am

Please click here for our full timetable and price list.
Deep Water Running - Gold Coast - Wearing a Flotation Belt

At our deep water running classes we’ll teach you the correct technique to use as well as tips to help you stay vertical while submerged up to your neck in water.

Our classes are suitable for most people and provide a great way to exercise without impacting your body the way traditional running does.

Deep water running is done wearing a flotation belt to help you stay afloat so you can run without your feet touching the bottom of the pool. We use the deep end of the pool so your feet will not be able to touch the bottom. You’ll run using a wide leg stretch jogging motion and we’ll show you lots of different moves so you don’t get bored and you get the best possible workout. Because water is much denser than air you get a very different type of workout than you would get from regular running or walking.

Our classes are held at Miami Olympic Pool at 80 Pacific Avenue in Miami on the Gold Coast and include the use of a flotation belt.

The pool we use has shaded areas and is heated which make it a perfect venue for deep water running all year-round.

Booking is not required. Simply bring your bathers and a towel and turn up to a class that suits you! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Call us on 07 5522 6542 for course bookings or enquiries.

Call us on Tap to Call for course bookings or enquiries.

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